“Please don’t lie to me, unless you’re absolutely sure I’ll never find out the truth.”  Ashleigh Brilliant

Oh George. George, George, George. You were my boyfriend. And unlike ALL those other pretenders out there, I really did call you my boyfriend before you started calling yourself my boyfriend…but now…now I think we have to talk…

Yesterday, you posted on your Facebook Fan Page wall a comment about Nelly Furtado being “guilty” of taking money from Muammar Gaddafi. My comment was the second comment on your post.  I called you out for being “heavy handed” in using the word, especially in light of the fact that she was donating the money she received for her performance. Then someone else “liked” my comment and as I went back to the posting to read the other posts, all of a sudden my post was deleted. And it was only my post that was deleted.

Then, I noticed that you went and re-edited the post to remove the word “guilty”.

I commented on how disappointed I was that you would re-edit your original post and remove the subsequent comments from your audience rather than engage in an actual dialogue with your audience.

Then you did it AGAIN! You deleted my comment and only my comment.

So, I tweeted about it…and guess what?! Someone, I guess on your behalf, tweeted back. But she lied George. And she lied poorly. And I have a feeling that the only reason she responded was because it was in my THIRD comment on the Facebook post that I told you that I was going to tweet and blog on this and guess what? That third comment was deleted too.

It wasn’t an oops George and it wasn’t “Bad timing 😦 “.

It was poor judgment.

I guess she figured out I had her number, because she asked me to post my comments again. I told her “No thanks. You deleted mine & others comments on my post, re-editorialized & cont’d to delete only MY comments. #integrity” and I stand by that. My comments should’ve stood. You or your team should’ve responded and not deleted my comments. That’s cowardice and lazy.

When will you and others learn that you cannot control your audience? You don’t have that right, nor my friend, do you have the means. In that sense, social media is the great equalizer.

Your 10K Fans may have greater reach George, but I’m going to hold true to the real tenets of social media that my integrity ultimately holds greater influence.

So @strombo, if you’re going to allow others to wholly maintain your online persona on both Facebook and Twitter and not take any responsibility for your brand or your presence, then it’s over. I unboyfriend you and I unlike you.

I don’t “like” or “follow” anyone that isn’t transparent about who represents them online, nor anyone that doesn’t respond to their audience or attempts to manipulate that audience.  My other boyfriend, @unmarketing, has 83K followers and he would never treat me like that; all kidding aside, he doesn’t treat any of his fans or followers like that. He tweets his own tweets and responds to DMs.

You really could learn some boyfriend tricks from him.


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28 responses to “Unboyfriend…

  • Diana Taylor

    Absolutely Fabulous! 😉

  • Victoria Houen

    Awesome bébé! LOVE it… and I don’t even read the dude.. but now I definitely won’t 🙂

  • losergirl

    George stroumboulopoulos aka @strombo CONSTANTLY uses huffington post stories etc to drive traffic to his website. during the day he spams peoples timelines in a desperate ploy to get attention. so much so that i have written his web team about it with no reply.
    I think it is pathetic and sneaky.
    What do these news stories have to do with his show ?
    I am upset that strombo would do that, but not suprised. I’m glad he lost another fan. You deserve better. I’m sorry you were attacked.
    well young lady youhave gained a fan im sorry for my spelling grammer etc but your post is well thought out and lovely you put into words how i feel.
    i wrote you on twitter 🙂

  • losergirl

    I also find it laughable he calls for government transparency all the while deleting anyone’s comments who don’t (pardon my french) kiss his ass.
    The slighest hint of critism, and you are blocked, or, at the very least unfollowed on Twitter (if he was following you in the first place).
    We deseve better, you deserve better than that.
    Based on your writing skills and critical thinking displayed in your Nelly Furtado comment George has lost a valuable fan.
    You comment actually, was barely what I would consider critism. You simply didn’t agree with one of the words he used on a news story. A news story, which by the way, doesn’t have anything to do with his show (another issue all together). I am glad you stood up for yourself.

  • losergirl

    I meant to type criticism. (You have my permission to fix that spelling mistake). 😉

  • KarenSD

    This is in response to @jazzdolphin who tweeted me on this issue:

    Sorry Dolphin, but you’ve got nothing to base your comment on re: driving traffic to my blog. I don’t blog for the #s. You obviously haven’t read my content (on both of my blogs) or delved any deeper into who I am online to say that.

    As for resolving the matter, George is a PUBLIC figure. He engages ONLINE. Which means, he should also be responding online…and I am entitled to blog for too many reasons to get into here, but predominantly because they DELETED my comments. They may control their Fan Page, but they cannot CONTROL the dialogue entirely and that’s my whole point.

    My comments were not inflammatory in any possible way. And I did try to resolve the issue in HIS environment, but he and his team decided to DELETE my comments alone and not engage in any form of dialogue. That’s disrespectful and trite.

    My job as an audience member is to not make George and his team feel better about their mediocrity in managing feedback. If their purpose is to do nothing but present their manipulated image of him in all of these environments, then my choice is to turn off and not support this figure.

    You know, there’s another public figure that I disagreed with online recently (@unambig), but the difference is that this other person was an adult and although we disagree, we can still engage with respect.

    George and/or his team have shown themselves to be the WORST abusers of social media in my opinion and the consequence of those actions is that they lose an audience member. AND if they’d had handled the matter directly, with dialogue right on the FB site, I never would’ve blogged about it in the first place, so, let’s lay accountability where it rightly deserves to be.

  • Molly

    You’re spending a lot of time begging for attention from someone you seemingly hate. If you think he’s so horrible then get over it. This is pathetic.

    • KarenSD

      You couldn’t be more wrong about my intent, nor about vying for attention. It’s called a dialogue, but thanks for the aggression instead of the dialogue! Try to stay on point…

  • KarenSD

    And NOWHERE did anyone say anything about hating Strombo. How inflammatory and immature…again, let’s stay on point.

  • Allan Sorensen

    Bravo! Karen.

  • Molly

    What point? What are you gaining from this? You are the one who is totally aggressive,inflammatory and immature. I’ve seen the posts on his page. Over and over and over. You are obsessed. You created a blog about it for god’s sake! I’ve seen you harassing his staff on their personal accounts. And to what end? You want George to acknowledge your existence and you’re hiding that behind the word “dialogue”. You want him to talk to you… Someone who you have called mediocre, a coward and lazy. And not because you want to have an intelligent dialogue with him, but because you want to “break up” with him. You said it. Not me.

  • Andrew

    Interesting, and glad to see someone called Strombo on this (I feel like my interest in Mr. Strombo fell off once he took the CBC gig, mainly because it didn’t feel true to him), but I guess I also find it all kind of surreal too.

    George is an interesting guy–he always has been–but, he’s just a TV host, and there’s no reason to think he wasn’t having people edit his presence for him. Take away all of the Twitter and Facebook accounts run by minions and I think the social media world would be a whole lot smaller.

    I’m not condoning George’s behaviour, or his minion’s behaviour, but all I’m saying is that it’s sad how often we accept this sort of thing without comment. Maybe in Canada, at least, it’s just not quite as acceptable.

    • KarenSD

      Thanks for your comments Andrew…and that would be my point; to me, it’s not acceptable. I would’ve been fine to have him or his team dialogue on the actual FB comments in the first place. The fact that they refused me my voice on that platform just ensured that I would take the time to actually blog about it on my platform.

      Besides, one of my monikers is “the elephant hunter”, so I’m not very good with letting those kinds of things just fly… 🙂

  • MrPotato

    So so troll…

  • talking head

    Karen, you are aligning yourself with jesmar99 and allansorensen…two different online aliases that are obviously the same desperate, lame individual. Do you think you are so important that George’s PR team (and G himself) should trip over themselves to dialogue with you? how pretentious.

    well, welcome to the psycho Twitter “league of justice”. you’ll fit right in. I pity g having these obsessed mental cases on his trail every single day, and now there’s another one.

    • Allan Sorensen

      For the record – Jesmar99 and I are not the same person. She’s much funnier.
      (and yes I’m willing to take a drug test to prove it.

      PoonGirl, writing at the former Tea Makers blog, was the first to take notice of how Strombo doesn’t allow the slightest criticism of him to appear on any of his or the CBC’s web pages. Seems all his internet accounts are now managed by the CBC to ensure that his brand is blemish free.

      • talking head

        You’re assuming that typing something is proof, but anyone can say anything and try to get people to believe it, can’t they?

        Who’s obsessed with Strombo? You are – you and your crude, vicious “counterpart”, who says all the things you won’t say under your own name. And you accuse others of cowardice! Do you think G doesn’t know?

    • KarenSD

      Please educate me as to how thanking someone for a RT constitutes “aligning”? …and what the hell does that mean anyway?…is there some conspiracy I’m unaware of??… sheesh…

  • Wasted Energy

    lady, your quest for justice on such a trivial matter is laughable. get over yourself, use your energy in a more effective, positive way, and STOP USING ALL CAPS (yes, you’re one of THOSE people)

    • Allan Sorensen

      Karen not “worthy” of a response from the important Strombo?

      Here’s the reaction on Twitter today:

      Strombo busted for ridiculous (although kinda obvious) ghosting of his ‘web presence’: http://j.mp/e5Dmg8

      Why deleting valid criticism from readers & fans is the worst thing you can do: http://bit.ly/gQqQH5 (via @mondoville)

      @tscurrie @mondoville @jenmacmillan You posted and rt’d but didn’t do a fact check? Interesting choice. DM for more info.

      “Strombo” requests to ‘DM for more info’ about this alleged debacle: http://j.mp/e5Dmg8 why not just respond on the original thread?

      @mondoville I’m kinda peeved at @strombo for blocking me. I’ve never said anything about the guy, yet I’m “guilty” by association. Hmmm.

  • losergirl

    It seems like shit has really hit the fan.

    How come anyone who publicly criticizes George is loser/troll/jealous etc ? We have the same right to express our opinion as strombo and team have to write about how great he is.

    Fact is, he and his team delete even the slightest of a negative reaction to a story most likely taken of Huffington Post anyways !

    Strombo and team denying they filtered comments when Karen explains they clearly did – “Then you did it AGAIN! You deleted my comment and only my comment.” That does not sound like a technical glitch as his webteam states, that is a deliberate act of filtering comments and manipulating his image.

    This is “canada’s boyfriend” ?

  • Nothing personal, and no assumptions

    All emotions and drama aside, I think the only issue here is that, somewhere along the line, there was either a lie, an error and/or a misunderstanding. When you feel strongly about a public figure (or a friend or family member), and you feel that you have been wronged, it can sting.

    At the end of the day, you will have to line up your facts, then pass a befitting judgement.

    Strombo’s a public figure, with staff. Misunderstandings, mistakes and/or lies are inevitable, and people will be offended.

    I personally enjoy his show, and the fact that I have no intention to meet him in my physical life, makes this episode impersonal.

    Now everyone smile! Life’s too short! 🙂

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  • karim

    Karen, I finally came here! Great post. And I’m also disappointed in George. Next time I see him I’ll ask. He was actually on the NatandMarie show. If I read this earlier, I would have asked him. Be well.

    • KarenSD

      Thanks Karim…according to George, I’m just a liar and it never happened, but it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall to watch him if you did ask! 😉

  • SoberJulie

    What a fantastic post, so glad I stopped by from #sccto

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