Some of my dear readers may know already that I’ve been in the midst of a 21 day cleanse, inspired by Kris Carr’s book Crazy Sexy Diet. Part of my commitment this summer was to lose a few pounds, do a good accounting of my overall health and well being, and make some good, fundamental changes in my every day routines.

So, I’ve been getting up early most mornings and usually getting out for a 10km ride around Lake Victoria in Stratford (yes folks, it’s Lake Victoria, not the Avon River in the heart of town). Each morning, I see many of the same folks either running or walking along the trail around the Lake, and as we pass one another each time, we smile and either call out or mouth, “G’Morning!” to one another. Sometimes, if someone’s looking particularly grumpy, I’ll make a specific point of smiling and greeting them, hoping to kickstart their day in a different way.


East side of Lake Victoria, near the trestle bridge

That simple gesture if one of the many, many things I love about living in this fair city of ours. It’s neighbourly, a way of connecting, of acknowledging, “yah, you’re crazy for being up this early too, and I like that!”…and when you see some of the people that are awake that early and charging head first into their day, it’s no wonder they’re as successful as they are…

I’ve found that it’s rather rare for people to actively avoid looking at one another as we pass on by (and funnily enough, it’s usually women runners in pairs that do that). Otherwise, young and old, running, walking, coffee sipping strollers, just about everyone   will make a point of making that eye contact and making that effort.

I encourage you to make the effort as you walk about wherever you are. Who knows what the simple nod will foster…




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