About me…


Karen Schulman Dupuis

Cultivator of Relationships. Community Engager & Builder. Professional Elephant Hunter. Intrapreneur. Social Media Strategist.  Shift Disturber.

I consider myself a renaissance woman; a lover of all things creative, expressive and engaging, from art to music, from food to wine, from language to anthropology.

It’s all about the dialogue, which is why I love building events & opportunities in my adopted hometown of Stratford, Ontario to support that dialogue (IgniteStratford, SocialMediaBreakfasts, Blind Eye Stratford).

I’ve always been a geek of the curious kind which has most recently translated into my love, embrace and work in social media. After 12 years of working in ICT in sales, education, operations, end to end process design and program management with a number of national telecommunications carriers in Canada, I have recently taken a role as Manager, Digital Communications for Ontario’s premiere innovation hub.

All comments on this wordpress site are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employer, so for gawd’s sake, don’t try to dooce me.


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